We strive to create long-term value for our investors

APF is specialised in guiding the capital of wealthy individuals, family offices, (foreign) investors and institutional players towards the best real-estate investments.

About APF International

APF International is a management-owned independent manager of real-estate funds and investments. The real-estate landscape is subject to constant change. Expertise and entrepreneurship based on rock-solid principles are required in order to continue excelling.

In the early days, we were focused primarily on initiating and managing private APF real-estate funds. However, in 2008 foreign investors mandated the investment activities to be ramped up, and APF has been increasingly taking the role of co-investor in opportunistic real-estate projects since that time.

This demonstrates that APF is considered a reliable and loyal partner, actively involved throughout the project rather than contributing from the sidelines. Our partners describe us as being creative, entrepreneurial, reliable, pleasant to work with and pragmatic.

APF currently has over EUR 1.4 billion worth of real-estate in its portfolio. In addition, APF (re)development is involved in several development initiatives as a development partner.

Our vision

Throughout the past 15 years, APF has successfully initiated, marketed and completed multiple real-estate funds. We are committed to investing in homes and work environments in the most pleasant of environments. Our combination of many years of experience and constant market analysis allows us to identify opportunities at an early stage. Our anti-cyclical thinking gives us the edge and insights we need in order to remain at the forefront of the market and achieve the highest and most sustainable returns possible.

APF International’s success is evidence-based; we have successfully initiated, managed and sold real-estate investments over the past years. Since its inception, APF has been involved in over EUR 3 billion worth of investment transactions. It is our goal to stay ahead of trends and build on that in order to continue developing our vision.

This results in distinguishing investment products geared towards the goal we share with our investment partners: intelligent investments with a realistic return-risk ratio. And a keen eye for new opportunity.

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